The PRIDE OF CHAPARRAL HIGH SCHOOL – the Firebird Marching Band – it’s that simple!

Band Leadership – Each instrument section (or group of similar instruments) is lead by a “section leader” who exhibits skill in both music performance and leadership. These individuals work directly with the Band Director, Mrs. Jennifer Mireau, and each individual section member to ensure the success of each section, and ultimately, the entire Marching Band. The Drum Major will lead the Marching Band onto the field.

Sectionals – Each section in the band will have weekly practice sessions (or sectional practices). Beforemost Friday games, each section member will attend a “sectional dinner” with the members of the section. The sections are (from bottom of the football stands to the top): Color Guard (flags and rifles); piccolos (small flute-like instrument); clarinets; saxophones; percussion (drums, cymbals, marimbas – wood, and xylophones – metal and other items); high brass (trumpets and mellophones – marching French horns); and low brass (baritones – marching trombones and sousaphones – marching tubas).

Pit – the Pit – and Pit Equipment – Despite the fact that there are wheels involved, there are no vehicles in this Pit! In Marching Band, there are certain instruments, like the marimba, xylophone, chimes, standing bass drum, the gong, drum racks and other percussion-related instruments that are simply impractical to march around the field. Therefore, these vital band pieces remain at the front of the performance field area, directly in front of the Drum Major (or field conductor). During games (both home and away) and all competitions, we rely on parent volunteers (along with the percussion Marching Band members) to move the pit equipment on and off the field as efficiently – and safely – as possible. During competitions, this is a timed element and must be done quickly and correctly. Every year there is a “Parent Pit Leader,” and he or she will work with the Percussion Instructor to lead all volunteers onto the field with their respective pieces of equipment, including the Drum Major’s podium, to place them in the correct location. This vital volunteer opportunity offers a chance to work with other parents, interact with the band members and be in the spotlight of the field!! Plus, you remain at field level to watch the show!

Trailer – The Band Boosters own a trailer used to haul all pit equipment (and, in some cases, uniforms) to away games, exhibitions, invitationals, trips and competitions. This requires a truck/vehicle with towing capacity to do so. Therefore, if you or friends have such a vehicle and are willing to help pull the trailer to these special events/competitions, please contact Brent Orm to schedule, 602-689-9049. We NEED YOUR HELP as a true Band Roadie!!!

Uniforms – Band uniforms are comprised of band t-shirts and shorts, covered by band pants (overall type pants to cover the midriff and lower back during marching, jackets, long black socks (please ensure they are tall dress socks for ALL performances), marching shoes (to be provided as part of the marching band fee), gauntlets (wrist decorations that snap on over the jacket sleeves), a shako (the marching band hat that’s never called a hat) and topped with a black, feather plume (which is inserted into each shako just before the band performs so they do not get dirty). Parents volunteer to assist with uniform fittings, alterations,and “plume preparation.” The first two are annual events, while “plume parents” are needed for all gamesand competitions in which the band wears a uniform. This process involves wearing gloves to protect the plumes and walking from student to student to place a plume firmly in each shako. The kids help…and when it’s plume time, the excitement of the performance surrounds everyone! After each performance, the gloves return and the parent volunteers extract the plumes from the shakos and return each to an individual storage tube. Once the plumes are removed during home halftime performances, the band members enjoy a special halftime soda treat from our lovely and talented Halftime Hosts + Hostesses (parent volunteers who prepare elegantly served Sprite during each home game). You, too, could be a Halftime Host or Hostess with the mostest!!

Seat Covers – Anytime the band members are in uniform, parent volunteers will unroll long leather-looking strips that cover the length of each stand bleacher. These covers are placed and attached onto each row that will have a seated band member or section. The parent volunteers will complete this task at least 90 minutes before a home game and upon arrival for an away game or competition (that uses bleacher seating). After the game, the parent volunteers roll up the seat covers and return them to the “seat cover box” until the next time. At the same time, igloo coolers of ice and water, along with cups, are carried into the stands for the band members. Parent volunteers will ensure these coolers remain filled for the students throughout the games (especially during our early August-September games when temperatures remain in triple digits!).

Fueler – This is a fancy name for “food energy fueling station” or simply “concession stand.” For eachhome game, the Marching Band runs its OWNED concession stand at the west end of the football stand(very artsy that we have the “West End Fueler!!!”). Approximately six parents volunteer each home game to work on the home side selling concessions while another two to four parents volunteer to work on the away side! This is a great opportunity to support the financial fundraising of these concessions whilemaking new friends and working with other AWESOME parents! This year, we’ve added a portable airconditioner to the fueler – so for August/September games, this may be the “cool place to be!!”

Stand Tunes – These are the songs played by the Marching Band when they are in the stands during afootball game. Sing along…it typically takes the whole season to get the right words…so, sing along…clap, yell, cheer…After all, we are BAND FANS!!

Fight Song – The Chaparral High Fight Song is “High Chaparral” from the television show. There are nolyrics to learn; however, near the end of the song, you’ll hear four solid drum beats, then cheer “C H S,” then four more drum beats, then cheer “C H S.” Then, the four drum beats slow down, and then cheer,slowly, “C H S – Firebirds are number 1.” PLEASE stand during the fight song…cheer…and clap! The FightSong is played as the team takes the field and after every scoring play during the football games…so let’shope we continue to have a great deal to cheer about! Go Firebirds!!!!

Invitationals/Competitions/Festivals – Time to shine! These events allow the Marching Band to perform at top levels to prepare for the State Festival in early November. Placing in the top 10 within our division at the State Festival moves the Marching Band on to the State Championship. Chaparral is the onlyScottsdale school to make the top 10 consistently…and the only one to earn the right to compete at the State Championships last year! Therefore, it is imperative for each and every member of the Marching Band to be prepared, practiced and ready to perform at peak levels! Plus, there is plenty of time for fun!

Band Banquet – The Annual Band Banquet is a time to celebrate the incredible season! The time will fly by and your young adult will look back on his or her first semester of high school and simply say – either through actual words, simple smiles of appreciation or laughter shared with new friends – “thanks – marching band ROCKS!!!” or something very similar!!!Together, they will face obstacles, be encouraged to excel, be criticized and corrected during practices toimprove their techniques (that’s the reason we have rehearsals as it’s easier to fix something at a rehearsal than to let the performance suffer!) and, most importantly, come together as a team. It’s remarkable…andthe banquet celebrates the successes!!

Parent Encouragement and Participation – The Marching Band works hard to achieve tremendoussuccess. This takes practice (during rehearsals, sectionals, during class and at home). Don’t be surprised that they’ll be marching around the house and sharing all the new moves they learned at camp! It’s pretty impressive…and the “Yes Ma’am” or “Yes Sir” still makes us happy!

Throughout the season, the purpose of each rehearsal is to prepare them for competition. During this time, each student will excel through a disciplined program and regiment. At times, you may sense somefrustration. Please talk to your son or daughter at that time and encourage them. We’ve all faced thosetimes with our son or daughter when a practice is too long, 6:30 a.m. is too early, the drill is too hard…thelist goes on. So, please, rest assured that you are not isolated if you hear a complaint now and then.

HOWEVER, the reality is that Mrs. Mireau runs a terrific program…and with her many years of experience as Band Director at Chaparral, her results, continued success and comradeship of the band students proves that her methods and leadership skills are unsurpassed and highly effective. At times, it may be difficult this first year to understand all the intricacies of the Marching Band. Then, when you see them take the field and perform in their final competition you will completely understand why and how they reached the phenomenal performance levels!! If you ever have any questions relative to the band program, please contact a member of the Booster Board or Mrs. Jennifer Mireau (Chaparral Band Director) at jmireau@susd.org. We are all on the same team and moving in the samedirection…and we want you…and your son or daughter…to share in the overall success and excitement ofthe Marching Band!

So, please encourage and support the band members. We encourage you to be as active as possible with the program – the band members LOVE having parents and family members present. Plus, the parentsalways enjoy being part of the band family, too! So…WELCOME to the Chaparral Band Family!!!